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Meet Sandy Parker

A smart, funny and bold woman with a fire for inspiring other women to shine!  

When she moved to Lubbock in the mid-90's, she started Lubbock Fun Club so families could find the fun in Lubbock. 


She is currently Founder of the Lighten UP movement and guides and inspires women to shine where they are! 

October 22, 2015
11:45 to 1:00 


Empowering Women is lunch where the busyness stops and we rest and reflect on our lives and how to make them even more empowered!  This journey is with friends.  Come and bring a friend!







October 23, 2015
1:00 to 5:00 p.m.


In just a few hours together we will learn how to GET MORE RESULTS with LESS EFFORT!  We will 

increase our vitality, gain more clarity, and learn how to ramp up our lightness and fun!  You will receive STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS on how to reignite or discover what you truly desire and the beginning action steps to achieve it.    


Here's what I know.  


Unless we do something different than we always do, we will not feel the edge of being alive.  


We will feel the comfort of what we know and where we already excel.


It is only when you reach the end of what you know, that you step into the unknown.


That is often where the miracles take place. 


As Lighten Up facilitator,
I see it.  People get the "curiosity" for more.


Sometimes they even explore it a little.  Ideas seem to add up to something worthwhile.


Then it comes taking a step of action.  We give ourselves a gentle nudge ... and off we go! 


To be a butterfly, you must break out of the cocooon! 


for an 
 on October 22

and a


October 23

In just a few fun and focused hours together,
we are going to learn how to enjoy more vitality, have less stress and more clarity, and gain tools to design the life you want!

Have you (or anyone you know) experienced any of these in the last six months?
Tired of feeling in a rut?Feeling like there "should be more”? Tired of being tired? Curious about some changes you might want to put in place? Wondering what to do?


after four hours together
you could experience this:

Clear answers on what you want
Less stress around making decisions
Less confusion about your future life you want
A real sense of permission to create
your ideal life and how!



FUN VIP gifts for you ACTION TAKERS!
The first 5 of you to make your reservation for the workshop, get a nifty gift that you will really like!

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