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by Sandy Parker - Presented to San Antonio BOOT CAMP
We charge our cell phones every day!  What about our soul?  Think of your soul as the BATTERY of your life.  Take the time to find what charges your battery.  Find your light!  What lights you up?  This will bring you joy and bliss!  
Look around the room.  Can you get a sense of who is living their lights?  The more "lights" you are living, the higher your vibration, and the more you attract people and money.  
We took a quick survey of what the women in our room needed to LIGHTEN UP.  
This is our GROUP results in order of what we need! 
22 - Money
13 - Less Stress/Bust through Limiting Beliefs
12 - Have more fun, More luxury/travel/Play more
11 - Better health/Live more boldly
10 - More sleep/Get out of the past
9 - Romance/sex
8 - Passion/hobby/find true calling/release anger
6 - Better job
4 - Healing trauma
When we were born, we were fully expressing our
every wish and whim.  Ask children what they want
when they are small and they KNOW!  Ask what they
want for Christmas and you get a list with prices! 
But as we grow, we comply ever more and over time
we can actually lose track of what our heart wants. 
WHAT DOES YOUR HEART WANT???  Ask it.  Listen.
As women, we are often so concerned with everyone
else, it could have been YEARS since we even asked.
Our heart has puzzle pieces that we need to find.  
They do not have to make sense.  They do not have to
go together well.  But we need to "unearth" them
and put them into action for our life to be it's most
WE MUST SEEK TO FIND the pieces of our heart and bring them to the light!  
This is often best done with the assistance of a coach ... for several reasons:
1.) Sometimes we can't see them for ourselves.  A coach can watch for the clues.
2.) Sometimes our head gets in the way - we are easily mislead by good thoughts.
3.) Sometimes we will shut our own lights off before we even know it.  
4.) It takes support to not judge ourselves and put baby steps into place. 
5.) Sometimes transition into full living takes time ... we don't want to "stop before we arrive" 
I told stories of how easy it is to make sense in our minds of things that are really limiting our full living.  
*  The lady who didn't get what she wanted until she was dead!  (By the way, she went to that lake this summer!)  Just awareness can be a big shift!  
*  The lady who sold her family farm and is living in a high rise condo in downtown Austin now. 
*  Me working for Southern Living and deciding the "stress" was not for me! 
Here are some tips on how to find what LIGHTS YOU UP
and get into action LIVING your lights! 
1.)  What did you do as a child?  What did you do when you lost track of time? 

2.)  Try new things!! Learn to have fun embarrassing yourself! Before you are able to do something, you must first "not be good" at something.  Most people avoid embarrassing themselves so they don't learn much new.  
3.)  Sniff the world like perfume.  Is this for me?  Yes or no.  Do I like this?  
4.)  Listen to your body.  If something makes your heart beat faster, notice!  Fright and utter excitement often feel the same. 
5.)  Challenge your SAFE PROBLEMS!  We create safe problems to keep us from RISK.  If we don't risk, we don't grow.  [Having a coach can really help you see what your SAFE PROBLEMS are!]
6.)  Be picky with WHEN you "GIVE A POOP!" We have a limited number of "poops" we can give out in our lifetime.  If you "give a poop" on too many things, you will run out for the things that really matter. 
7.)  What we RESIST ... PERSISTS!!  The more you talk about your hips, or your husbands bad habits, being broke, or things you don't like ... the more they STAY! Let's learn to say "and I LOVE THAT!"
8.)  Speak from your heart.  So many of us walk around saying "blah blah blah" ... people can hear you so much better when you speak from your heart. 
9.)  If you are BORED ... you are also BORING!  Find the things that give you a thrill. Let your heart speak to you!  [I told the story about my "Queen Chair" ... maybe one day I'll post a real picture.]
10.)  We often don't "activate our WANTS" ... because we don't know HOW IT WILL happen.  Give that up.  "What you want has NO BEARING on whether or not you will get it. None.  Nada.  Zippo.  It is only a question of whether or not you can behave as if you already have it."  
11.)  Get into action!  The law of attraction works
in hand with the LAW OF ACTION!  
SPECIAL LIGHT, my friends! 
I'm here to help!  
I love you all ...
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Just about everyone has felt "a bit dim" or
like they didn't shine as bright as others at
some point in their lives.


LUMI the lightning bug faced the same problem. She knew that she was made to light up but she doesn't know how to do it. LUMI compares herself and tries too hard to be like others.  She gets sad and frustrated and even wants to give up.


Then she gets curious. She looks for her answer in new ways and finds she can be happy just as she is right now. In that moment, LUMI bumbles into her brilliance when she wasn't looking anymore!  Even better, she discovers her light is uniquely bright.


How do you figure out what makes you lighten up and shine brighter?

The key is to know what makes your light shine so you can enjoy your life and just be YOU!


Discover what you can learn - and teach your children - about living light and shining bright with LUMI.  LUMI FINDS HER LIGHT will also be available as an app on mobile devices.


Lumi Finds Her Light by Sandy Parker 

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