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Why take a holiday? 

When you can take a
Kahala means extremes in fortune, health and spirituality.

Imagine a time and place that is so dedicated in service to you
that you actually experience "you are enough" and "you belong"
and you are RIGHT where you want to be. 
This is a safe place to wonder, think, consider, dream.
And you are at home with yourself.

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LUMI FINDS HER LIGHT was written by Hay House author, Sandy Parker, at the beautiful Kahala Hotel and Resort. All illustrations are original scenes from her unforgettable time there. Whether you are watching the dolphins, enjoying the sunrise, or taking a nap in the hammock, these are peaceful days.

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You will be learning about the natural environment, wildlife, science, music and art including:

🌟 Art and science activities that showcase “luminosity” and education about what makes things shine

🌟 Creative activities where you create memories together and learn about each other like decorating “LUMI” cookies and coloring pages from the book 

🌟 Age appropriate adventures engage your curiosity as you learn about your environment

🌟 Personal confidence building activities that teach us to know “what lights us up” and know how special we are

🌟 Scavenger hunt to find items from the book


🌟 Break out session from a conference

🌟 Keynote address to "Wow" the crowd

🌟 Corporate "LIVING LAB" for expanding growth

🌟 Curated drink specials that "glow in the dark" 

🌟 Stimulating action oriented sales training program

🌟 Grief support for widows who have lost loved ones

🌟 Program for grandparents and their grandchildren

🌟 Reunions

🌟 Spiritual Retreats

🌟 Quick getaways 

🌟 Rest for the weary souls and recharge

Let's plan a

Lumi's book was written at The Kahala Resort & Hotel -- infused with the Kahala spirit -- and continues to excite people worldwide.


My dream is to host it at
The Kahala Resort & Hotel.

dream in making.png
Want to make a dream come true?
CLICK HERE to read about it
I can't wait to hear what you think!! 
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