Sandy Parker is bright and cheerful and leaves a "glow" everywhere she goes.  This gift of the inspiration and sweet truth in fun is what makes her a perfect inspirational message for programs and her books are filled with the spirit of joy! 

Meet Sandy 
Sandy is a detective, an investigator, full of curiosity, wonder and delight. She guides people to explore who they are beyond their upbringing, roles, responsibilities, expectations and demands from others.  She helps them find the inner spark that lights them up from the inside out – that helps them shine brightly.
Professional Background
A seasoned, smart, funny and courageous woman, Sandy has been a speaker, workshop facilitator, personal motivation expert and now author.
She has been an entrepreneur, radio show host, art teacher, spiritual and community leader, worked with magazines like Southern Living and Vogue, and endless explorer, having traveled to ten countries.  
How LUMI was born
While working with women to help them discover what ‘lights them up’, she was inspired to write an inspirational coming-of-light story about LUMI the lightning bug who bumbles her way into her natural brilliance.  People of all ages can benefit from this story! We are grateful to be connected to the Hay House publishing family. 
Sandy is the Chief Encouragement Officer of Lighten UP Global and Founder of the Lighten UP Movement to support women in finding the inner and outer resources for a lighter, brighter, bolder life. Based in the Austin, Texas area, she would love for you to join her and LUMI in the Lighten Up Movement here: