Everyone at some time has felt "a bit dim" or like they didn't shine as bright as others. LUMI the lightening bug faced the same problem. She knew that she was made to light up but she didn't know how.

She looks for her answer in new ways and finds she can be happy just as she is right now! Even better, she discovers her light is uniquely bright. Discover what you can learn - and teach your children - about living light and shining bright with LUMI

LUMI FINDS HER LIGHT is the first book in an upcoming series by Hay House Author Sandy Parker.
Find out more about the book and the author here! 

“Shine your light!  Be light.  Be bright.  Be YOU!”

This is LUMI's message.
This is the most important message in the world.
Regardless of what is going on around you, you have to be able to look inside and
feel you are good, important, and not like anyone else in the world! 


Lumi also reminds us that no matter how dark the dark can be, where ever there is the smallest light it will make a difference.  It will light the way.  Each of us can do this.  Each of us has our own special light.

Imagine YOUR CHILD knowing this!

Recently in a book reading/author visit at an elementary school, 
I had a precious boy come up to me and tell me this:
"When I open my heart, my heart shines rays of sunshine!" 

Isn't that what our world needs? 
Isn't that what our children need? 
Isn't that what we all need? 

I am constantly touched by the ways kids understand this simple message.